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whatsyourmix's Journal

share your mix
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a music mix sharing community
maintained by polycorns
currently open membership

General : Nature (plants, animals..)
Specific : Songs to fall asleep to

- Inquiries? What's General and what's Specific? Click here!
- If you're posting a mix relating to the theme, put "THEME, (general or specific) // " in your subject line!
- Theme suggestions needed!
- Next theme will be March 19th, 2006!

Compile a list of your favorite songs, zip/rar it up, upload it and post your tracklisting at whatsyourmix, and at the same time pick up a few music mixes other members have posted! It's a great way of expanding your music tastes while promoting some of your own favorite artist!

1. No promoting without permission from maintainer.
2. Use LJ-cuts where needed.
3. Each post must contain a music mix. This includes a tracklisting and a download link. Posting only a tracklisting is unacceptable.
4. A mix of your favorite songs, or a mix of songs sharing the same theme, etc. are acceptable as long as you're the one who compiled them. Posting full albums by a certain artist or various artist compilations not by you, or official soundtracks are not meant to be posted here!
5. Your music mix may be available for download as a .zip or .rar file, or as individual mp3s.
6. Cover art is allowed and encouraged. Pictures larger than 250*250 should be behind an lj-cut!
7. Post lots and promote lots!

Please remember to include a tracklisting and a download link when you post! Use this outline as a reference when posting:

<b>TITLE OF MIX (optional)</b>
<b>Comments about your mix:</b>
<b>Recommended to:</b> genres, bands, record labels ..
<b>Download link:</b> <a href="link here">click here</a>
<b>Format:</b> zip/rar? mp3/m4a?
<b>Tracklisting:</b> lj-cut if necessary

Here are some places where you can upload your music mix:
+ more
* Some servers do not work on certain member's computers, you may be asked to reupload your mix at a requested server!

Please promote! We are a new community and we hope to grow over time :) Place these in your userinfo/journals, whatever! Anything helps, thanks!







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