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NaNoWarmUp06 Project: Rosebuds & the Daughter of Vines

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Download Rosebuds & the Daughter of Vines OST there.

A mix cd for my upcoming 25K word project of the same title. If you wanna read it, head to shadows_of over the next two weeks, and it'll be there.

Comment if you're taking it... it's up for a week, and will be reuploaded again... should there be a desire for it.

  1. You're Beautiful--James Blunt
  2. Over My Head (Cable Car)--The Fray
  3. For You I Will (Confidence)--Teddy Geiger
  4. The Nearness of You--Norah Jones
  5. Anchor--Lifehouse
  6. Look Right Through Me--Revis
  7. An Honest Mistake--The Bravery
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany's--Deep Blue Something
  9. We Might As Well Be Strangers--Keane
  10. Rest Stop--Matchbox 20
  11. Another Little Hole--Aqualung
  12. She's--Ryan Cabrera
  13. Could It Be Any Harder--The Calling
  14. You Were Meant For Me--Jewel
  15. Niki FM--Hawthorne Heights
  16. Make This Go On Forever--Snow Patrol
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