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This is a mix of seventeen songs that easily get stuck in my head but are also a lot of fun. I'd recommend this music to anyone really - but especially anyone that is into more indie/folk stuff. This is my first time ever posting a mix anywhere so I hope the mp3's in the zip file I made works out alright. If not - please let me know!


1 Hotel Yorba / The White Stripes
"And it's four, five, six, seven, grab your umbrella. Grab 'hold of me 'cause I'm your favorite fella. All they got inside is vacancy."

2 The Clock / The Go-Betweens
"Ghosts from the river beg to get in, staining my window with pictures of sin."

3 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) / The Arcade Fire
"I went out into the night, I went out to pick a fight with anyone. Light a candle for the kids, jesus christ, don't keep it hid!"

4 The Way We Get By / Spoon
"We go out in stormy weather, we rarely practice discern. We make love to some weird sin, we seek out the taciturn."

5 Holland, 1945 / Neutral Milk Hotel
"But now we must pick up every peice, of the life we used to love. Just to keep ourselves, at least enough to carry on."

6 Paper Thin Walls / Modest Mouse
"Everyone's a voyeurist, they're watching me watch them watch me right now. They're shaking hands, they're shaking in their shoes - oh lord! don't shake me down!"

7 God Killed The Queen / Louis XIV
"If you wanna take my body tonight, then you gotta be somebody tonight."

8 Every Day I Love You Less And Less / Kaiser Chiefs
"Unless, unless, I know I feel it in my bones. I'm sick and tired of staying in control."

9 Yoo Hoo / Imperial Teen
"A cold charisma, shotgun wedding. And I'm familiar, with the Kama Sutra."

10 Some Red Handed Slight Of Hand / Cursive
"Play it off as stigmata for crossover fans... some red handed slight of hand."

11 Whatever Happend To My Rock 'N Roll? / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
"You want it badly, you want it so completely. I want to feel something more 'cause I can't fuckin' breathe."

12 Ann Disaster / Ben Kweller
"Ann disaster, make it better, make this whole thing come together..."

13 The Boy With The Arab Strap / Belle and Sebastian
"Color my life with the chaos of trouble, 'cause anything's better than posh isolation. I missed the bus, you were laid on your back, with the boy with the arab strap."

14 Primitive (The Way I Treat you) / Ambulance LTD
"Feel sick without you and I can't let you go, I told you I don't want to but you don't let me say no. I drop a wire to your mom and your dad and say, relax, don't think about the way I treat you."

15 Shakin' / The Dandy Warhols
"Oh, you got me shakin', oh you got me high. I didn't know till now I'm not that good..."

16 Simply Because / Rooney
"You're up all night fixing your hair, but you're not satisfied - with that I'm satisfied. I'm doing things, like I said before. I'm not partying, I'm parting from the non-creative."

17 Black Tongue / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"We're gonna keep it in the family, yeah, well, you know we're on the run. You know they're gonna want someone, some - we're high in the back..."


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