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My First Post

TITLE OF MIX favorite songs from Smallville/Greys Anatomy
Comments about your mix: my favorite songs, all uploaded to www.megaupload.com. not sure what these would be listed as...maybe songs that make you think. or strip. depends on what kind of person you are.
Recommended to: i dont know the genre
Download link: click the names of the songs to download
Format: MP3

[1]foy vance-Homebird
[2]Michelle Featherstone-Stay
[3] Anna Nalick-Breathe [2am]
[4]Ben Lee-No Room To Bleed
[5]Foy Vance-Sweethearts
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is for music off of our favorite shows.
OTH, Charmed, Greys, Smallville, so on and so forth. You can register at a number of sites [check our user info for the complete list] There you can upload music and then post it on greys_music. You can also get music off the entries...if you request it [unless we already have it] its fairly new and parched for members.
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